1. These fluorescent ring light is for stereo microscope, it provides a cool even, bright light source and sharp and clear images under the microscope.
2. Compared with LEDs, fluorescent bulbs have a better color rendering index. our fluorescent bulbs' color rendering index is 80%-90%, but LEDs bulb's color rendering index is 70%-80%.
3. Noise-free, this fluorescent light will not produce any noise, enabling it to be a good choice for illumination application in the high precision electrical instrument. It also can be used in occasions like libraries, offices and so on.
4. Soft light beams and strobe flash-free, without causing any flickering, helpful to protect the eyes.
5. Free of ultraviolet radiation, traditional lamps will generate ultraviolet radiation, thus will attract mosquitoes to fly around the lamps. Our fluorescent light doesn't have this disadvantage, thus the indoor space will become cleaner.