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What part is used to tilt the microscope for more a comfortable viewing?

by Jennifer 02 Dec 2021 0 comments
What part is used to tilt the microscope for more a comfortable viewing?

The Table Tilt is a rotation table developed by Albenth. It is mainly used for control and inspection work on printed circuit board assemblies. This unit can be coupled to the Stereo or TV Microscope to form an ergonomic repair station. In addition, this framework offers a 360° rotation to the sample and can be tilt at maximum of 30°.

Technical data:
● ESD Rubber Plate diameter: 220mm
● The base diameter: 84.8mm
● The distance from bottom to top ESD rubber table is 74mm
● 360° of tiltable area. Tilts up to 45° angle
● Weight: 1.49kg


● Reflexion-free inspection of mechanical and electronic components
● Repair work on printed circuit boards (PCBs) and small assemblies
● Combined application with table stands (integrable in the stand base)
● Incoming goods and outgoing goods inspection


● Universal applicable ball and socket stages in different sizes
● 360° rotatable and +/- 30° tilting of the stage
● ESD pad with ground connection for the safe handling of PCBs and electronic components
● Through the flexible modular system the ball and socket stage can easily be adapted to the individual customer-specific requirements


 Magnetic stage for better fixing of small assemblies and PCBs
 Vacuum fixation unit for locking the tilt angle
 Ball and socket stages with transmitted light units
 Additional base plate for ball and socket stage 150 and 200
 Ground connection and ESD pad



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