Dear Customer!

We have been operating since 1998, when after many years of passion for optical equipment and its possibilities, we decided to express it by creating a shop for other enthusiasts. 

We develop together with a wide range of our clients, together looking for knowledge, information and simply pure beauty flowing from observing the universe. When we created Albenthel Optics, we built our offer based on our own experience and search - not only of good quality equipment, but also of trustworthy and loyal partners. Thanks to this, we can fully recommend the companies we work with and the products they offer. 

Our efforts in the field of design, design, performance and functionality have resulted in products that have been appreciated for many years:

  • EDG series binoculars and spotting scopes have been used for years by hunters, ornithologists and astronomers,
  • our microscopes are used by pupils and students from Polish schools and universities ,
  • the German DEVA institute is testing many of the binoculars and spotting scopes we offer,
  • We support the work of professionals with our products - our equipment is also used by uniformed services, and above all TOPR rescuers, for whom we are honored to be the exclusive supplier of optical equipment.

Developing our passion, we develop our offer - we are constantly looking for better solutions, we follow market trends, test new products. Only when we are satisfied ourselves do we introduce them to the offer.

We are closer to passion , not only thanks to www.albenthel.com  - a shop offering optical equipment. Our website is a meeting place for enthusiasts, full of interesting descriptions, additional information and user comments.

Albenthel is an online store open 24 hours a day. In addition to star observing, bird and nature watching, We are waiting for any questions regarding the equipment we offer.

We want other enthusiasts to spend as much time as possible with their hobby - that's why shopping in our store is easy and fast.
The search engine will allow you to find out what type or manufacturer of goods are available in our offer, and will make it easier to reach those you did not know existed before. Thanks to this, we are proud to be proud of the constantly growing number of visitors and customers who have trusted us.