50x-500x Inverted Trinocular Bright Field Metallographic Microscope

50x-500x Inverted Trinocular Bright Field Metallographic Microscope

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● Viewing Head: 45° inclined trinocular viewing head, 360 degree rotatable; interpupillary distance 50-75mm, binocular:trinocular=100 : 0 or 0 : 100
● Eyepieces: PL10X22mm, with adjustable diopter
LWD plan achromatic metallurgical objectives :
                    5X/0.15 WD= 10.8mm
                    10X/0.3 WD= 12.2mm
                    20X/0.45 WD= 4.00mm
                    50X/0.55 WD= 7.90mm
● Nosepiece: Inward quintuple bright field nosepiece ( DIC slot ), with built-in magnification sensor
● Focus: Reflected frame low-position coaxial focusing system, coarse range 9mm (up 6.5mm, down 2.5mm), fine precision 0.002mm with upper limit and tension adjustment, with switch for the bright and dark field; with variable field diaphragm and aperture.
● Condensor: Diaphragm, both center adjustable, with slots for filters and polarizing kit, with light intensity indicator with infrared induction, with magnification display.
● Stage: Three layers rackless stage, size: 240X250mm, moving range: 50X 50mm; right-hand position X-Y moving hand wheel
● Working plate: Metal working stage plate (Center hole diameter 12)
● Illumination: 12V / 110W Halogen lamp House, light-intensity adjustable; 12V / 110W Halogen lamp ( PHILIPS 7724 )
● Polarization: 1x Polarizer; 1x 360 degree rotatable analyzer
● Filters: LBD Filters (Φ32)
● Camera adapter: 1X camera adapter, C-type interface, adjustable
● Power: 15V/13.4A Power adapter


Packing list:
1x trinocular microscope head
1x microscope body
1x LWD B&D plan achromatic metallurgical objectives: 5X, 10X, 20X, 50X
1x pair 10X/22mm eyepieces
1x C-Mount adapter 1x
1x Polarizer
1x 360-degree rotatable analyzer
1x Halogen lamp House 12V/110W
2x Halogen lamp ( PHILIPS 7724 ) 12V/110W
1x LBD Filters (Φ32) filter
1x Metal working stage plate Φ12
1x dust cover
1x Power adapter
1x Allen wrench M3
1x Allen wrench M4


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Power Plug: UL

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